Rafan Duo - Zareen and Bry!
"I think I’m in the right way. Five finals in a row. If you tell me that four months before, I will be crying for emotions, no?"
- Rafael Nadal, after losing his 9th consecutive final in Monte Carlo, to Djokovic (via loveequalsnothing)


after the match, Rafa gave autograph to fans.
they celebrated him and Rafa replied with a sweet smile :)


Fangirl Rafa is one of the best things ever.


The Rivalry // Chapter 13 ⇢ Wimbledon 2007, F

R. Federer def R. Nadal  7-6(7)  4-6  7-6(3)  2-6  6-2


Rafa Nadal signing autographs at Indian Wells 2013. Photos by mirsasha

Hit For Haiti, Australian Open 2010

“You wanna serve or you want me to serve?”
“What do you think? Who serve better?”
“That’s about the only question I can say me.”

The only way of finding a solution is to fight back, to move, to run, and to control that pressure.” -Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal on grass 2010